3 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Blob Box's Autumn Limited Edition 2021 Box

Welcoming Autumn’s Blob Box in Collaboration with StrongHer

This season’s box is a curated and considered collaboration with fitness community StrongHer. Launching on National Fitness Day to empower people with periods, the box is filled with a variety of products to help keep you going during the most draining part of your period, so you can carry on living life and hitting the gym.

Here are just some of the reasons that you won’t regret picking up this season’s must-have Blob Box:

1. Dressed to Impress with Period Underwear

    With incredible sustainable options available, periods have become a lot more comfortable day-to-day. If you’ve not tried a pair of period pants yet, prepare to have your period transformed. Turn your back on uncomfortable and awkward tampons, say goodbye to loud, rustling noises from period pad wraps, because has changed the game.

    If you’ve been dying to get your hands on a pair of reusable period pants but haven’t got round to purchasing just yet, this box is for you. And if you’re someone that hasn’t heard of this product before, period pants are underwear that is super absorbent, eliminating the need to use additional period products. Yes, you read that right, you’ll be wearing a pair of pants and nothing else. But with complete protection from periods, perspiration and weak bladders as well as being the best sustainable choice, period pants give you peace of mind during your period. Simply wash and reuse, time and time again.

    In this season’s box, you’ll get a pair of black period pants from the award-winning brand, BP3 Underwear, in the size of your choice. Perfect for running or strength training during your period (which has been known to improve mood, energy, and cramps), the BP3 period pants won the ‘Editor’s Choice’ for leak-proof running underwear from Women’s Running UK in 2020. What’s more, they’re super high waisted so they’ll stay put during your weight-training session. They’ve also been designed to be VPL free with beautifully scalloped edging, these menstrual pants are appropriate for day or night-time use at the beginning and end of your period.

    2. Sustainable on the Go with Stasher Reusable Bags

    Our ethos is about building a community of likeminded people who are passionate about empowerment of the female body and finding new and sustainable ways to live during your menstrual cycle. Whether that’s products to make you feel more comfortable, produce to enjoy if you’ve got cravings, or lifestyle goods to put a smile on your face – whatever it is, it’s important to us that we work with brands who share similar values. Stasher is just that!

    Stasher is female founded, which as you all know we love – read more about it in our blog about women being women. Aren’t women just great?! In fact, Kat Nouri, who founded Stasher, won the Ernst & Young LLP Entrepreneur or the Year 2020 Northern California Award so we’re really pleased to be including such a pioneering brand in our boxes.

    So what is Stasher, and how have they made it into our box? As an endlessly reusable and entirely environmentally friendly option for packaging lunches on the go, food prepping or even using to head to the gym with your workout essentials, they’re the last storage bag you’ll ever need to use.

    Stasher bags can even be used to make popcorn! So if you’ve got period cravings, a pouch of sweet and salty popcorn in the Stasher bag could be just what you need.

    The silicone pouches are replacing single-use plastic; this brand is supporting the future of the planet. They even do loads of work with non-profit organisations that are dedicated to preserving and rehabilitating our oceans, so they’re supporting what matters to save what matters. Pretty cool, right?

    Stasher Silicone Reusable Bag

    3. Good to Glow with Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist

    If you spent lockdown learning about skincare like most of us did, then you’ve probably got a five-step skincare routine already in progress.

    During your period, your skin can be thrown off balance with a surge of hormones, but this doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll always get breakouts – (although these are really common in the lead up to your period) – you may also experience an increase in oil production, a general tiredness in your skin and dehydration that your regular routine maybe isn’t helping with.

    That’s because in the luteal phase of your period, your skin is battling with the production of excess sebum, so your skin is likely looking oily, and when it comes to fresh and dewy skin, oily ain’t it.

    Did you know that excess oil may also be in part to dehydrated skin so don’t skip moisturising if your skin is oily! In fact, up the ante when it comes to nourishing and hydrating your skin in the AM and PM.

    With this in mind, and as we move into autumn which also impacts the skin barrier, we’ve popped a Hyaluronic Acid Face Mist from Q + A Skincare to help keep your skin feel plumped, hydrated, and glowing – three words you want to hear about your skin, whether you’re on your period or not.

    Wake yourself up with a spritz first thing in the morning or refresh your skin throughout the day, this super-hydrating face mist packed with hydrating ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid, Glycerin and Aloe Vera, it’s the instant pick-me-up your skin needs.

    Top tip: apply a moisturiser after using Hyaluronic Acid to help lock in the moisturising properties.

    Get Your Hands on a Blob Box

    If you like what you’ve read – and truly, why wouldn’t you – you can pick up the Blob Box and StrongHer collaboration box and get a package filled with goodies and love delivered straight to your door.

    All our products are designed to be a beautiful (yet practical) bundle of self-care, self-love and self-empowerment for your period.

    They’re limited edition, so grab one before they’re gone. Don’t forget that you can earn Blobber Points to unlock exciting and exclusive perks and rewards.

    CLICK HERE to shop the StrongHer Reclaim Your PowHer box

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