3 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Blob Box's Recharge and Reset January 2022 Box

New Year = Time For A New Blob Box!

The first box of 2022 might just be our best yet… 

Starting off a new year with a Blob Box full of self-care goodies sounds pretty much perfect to us, so we’ve packed the January box with skincare, period care products and health supplements just for you. Use them to ease yourself into a new year and feel like the best version of you.

The new year can bring up feelings of comparison (thanks instagram), but we say take this month to really reconnect with yourself and work out what you want blobbers! Use our fabulous products to nourish your body, mind and soul and get focused on what’s going to bring you joy in the year 2022. Here’s a sneak peak of what you can expect to find inside our first Blob Box of the new year...

BeYou Monthly Patches

This year we want to help you tackle period pain head on, which is why we’ve popped some BeYou Monthly patches into your box. These game-changing little strips can be stuck onto your skin directly wherever you are experiencing cramps or pain, and they’ll get to work offering fast relief for up to 12 hours. Don’t worry if you feel a slight tingling sensation - but that just means they’re working! They’re discreet and comfortable enough to be worn under clothes and are just what your period self care routine is missing. What we particularly love about this brand is that it’s all natural and vegan-friendly and works to share information on racial bias in medical research. The dream.

Gaia & Vie Clarity Facial Oil

Every month that one pimple shows up to let you know your period is about to arrive. While we love the heads up, we could probably work things out for ourselves, thanks spot. We know period pimples can be a downer, which is why the Gaia & Vie Clarity facial oil is our new best friend. And we’re gifting it to you! It’s a uniquely blended serum that will help to clear your oily, inflamed and spot prone skin during your cycle, without clogging your pores. We love this serum over others on the market because it’s ethically made and uses the anti-inflammatory power of hemp to soothe your skin. Try yours in this month’s box. Thank us later blobbers!

 Birch and Wilde Marine Collagen Tablets

For those that experience a heavy flow, one of the things that could help to lighten things up is increasing your collagen intake. Collagen is known to help with reducing inflammation, improving skin firmness and easing symptoms related to menstruation, so we decided to add Birch and Wilde’s marine collagen tables to this month’s box. They’re a great source of amino acids, and use high-quality Naticol® marine collagen peptides derived from natural sources to boost your health and wellbeing.  Two a day is all you need to start seeing a difference, so why not make taking supplements part of your New Year’s resolutions.


Bag Your Blob Box

Don’t have one of our subscriptions yet? Silly you! But there’s still time to get your mitts on the January Blox Box. Sign up before Jan 15th to be sure you’re getting these new year treats. Click here to find out more about our monthly service and get this box of our self-care special items delivered straight to your door today.

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