3 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Blob Box's Spring 2021 Box

If you were looking for a reason to get a Blob Box, we’ve got you. And honestly, like you needed another excuse, right?

In addition to being the big sister you never knew you needed; we’re going to serve up even more fantastic reasons that Blob Box should be on your radar.

1. Female-Founded Fierceness

We are built on passion and empowering people who have periods, so we only fill our period and lifestyle boxes with products that share our values.

In our spring box, you’ll be met by BeYou Monthly Patches that have changed the game for comfort if you struggle with menstrual cramps. These lightweight, all natural and vegan-friendly patches release molecules for fast-acting release for your discomfort. Co-founded by pioneering professional, Krutika, BeYou puts a lot of emphasis on educating across gender inequality and misrepresentation across the racial gap, in their science-backed product. So we are proud to work with them. 


Also in the spring box is a super hydrating lip balm from the female-owned brand, Apoth and Co. Jam-packed with moisturising ingredients, the balm is a beautiful blend of jojoba, bee’s wax, avocado and cocoa butter, and a variety of lip-smacking oils. When we say that this pot is good enough to eat, we mean it – and it looks stunning too; easily taking pride of place on your beauty shelf. Apoth and Co is also a female-founded business, so it’ll come as no surprise that March, the month of the female, sees the spring box brimming with woman wonderfulness and, well, because there are countless females out there doing hella great things and we are here for it!

Not only that, but our spring box also has a beautiful shower steamer, infused with essential oils to help soothe and relax the body, and is made using only high-quality, vegan products. Founded by Charlotte, Miss Patisserie shouts about the importance of carving out ‘me time’ and genuinely loving yourself, so awaken your senses and show your body some love with aromatherapy for the shower. If you’ve seen everyone on Instagram soak into a bath bomb but a shower is more your thing, then this is for you.

We stan a female boss. 

2. International Women’s Day

What better time to throw your support behind a woman-owned business than in the month of International Woman’s Day. Spring is such a great time to celebrate; days are getting longer and lighter and the season breathes new life into us following winter.

International Women’s Day is happening on Monday 8 March 2021 and, since its inception, has garnered legions of support to come together to celebrate the social, economic, cultural, and political triumphs of women across the world – and, baby, let’s face it: there are loads.

A historic day for women everywhere, throughout the day, there’ll be endless workshops and classes put on to stand by women and continue to showcase and learn about all that we womxn do.

3. Women Supporting Women

You’re sensing a theme here, right? Well, with Mother’s Day this month and spring giving our energy a rebirth, we feel alive and we want to share that with you. So we will continue to strive to push our own female-founded business forward; to consistently show up, do the right thing, be inclusive and not be silenced.

What now?

We know we had you at hello, but if you’re feeling it even more now, grab a Blob Box and literally treat yourself. You and your body deserve it.

As Lizzo says, "boss up and change your life".


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