3 Reasons Why You Can't Miss Blob Box's Summer 2021 Box

Introducing Blob Box’s Summer Box

The summer box has landed, and it’s featuring stunning products to help keep you feeling fresh through the long, hot season. Here comes the sun, and along with it comes Blob Box’s summer selection of self-care, self-love, and treat-your-self products.

We’ve curated some of the reasons that you should get your hands on the summer Blob Box below by giving you a sneak peek of what’s in the box. We collaborate with brands that are truly special, whether they’re vegan and cruelty free, eco-friendly, supportive of human rights, UK-based and much more, we believe in delivering a high-quality service from brand to box.

1. Sweet Senses of Summer

The wellness product adored by health-lovers globally has made its way to your summer Blob Box in the best form we can think of: a matcha cookie kit.

What is matcha exactly? We’re glad you asked. Matcha is a green tea (that’s ground to a powder) bursting with goodness that contributes towards a healthier you, thanks to its high level of antioxidants. Like, really high.

Matcha boasts lots of benefits including boosting your metabolism, clearing your mind to support your concentration, and it increases your overall energy without giving you the dreaded caffeine shakes or feelings of anxiety. On top of that, matcha has been known to ease period cramps too, thanks to containing L-Theanine, a muscle relaxing amino acid.

If you want more info about how it can be beneficial on your period, you can check out our post:

5 Reasons to drink Matcha while on your period

We’re all for bringing out the best in you, but we also go hard on making sure you’re living your best life so as well as including a matcha sachet in our summer box, we’ve teamed up with Pieces Bakery to offer you the matcha cookie kit with white chocolate. You won’t even need cravings as an excuse to tuck into these deliciously gooey and sweet cookies, but it does help knowing that they are packed with health benefits as well as fantastic flavour.

You’ll love this product so matcha!

white chocolate matcha cookies

2. Get a Summer Glow Up

Enjoy beautifully bronzed skin in time for summer with this luxurious liquid bronzer from Kili Beauty. Use as a highlighter on the high points of your face for a sun-kissed look, pop under make up for a brightening and illuminating effect or go natural, using this liquid gold to make your skin radiate.

Perfect for all skin types so everyone that uses this product will enjoy a boost of bronze to compliment that fresh feeling of summer. With hints of shea butter, flower waters and coconut oil, this bronzer is summer in bottle.

At Blob Box, we champion brands that have a strong ethos and Kili is not only inclusive for all but also creates their packaging to be as sustainable as possible; with glass bottles, wooden lids, and recycled boxes, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you support a brand that does good for the world we live in.

kili beauty

3. Feeling Fresh with Natural Deodorant

Feel fresh all day long with Salt of the Earth organic deodorant. Made from 100% natural ingredients, such as aloe vera, honeysuckle and natural mineral salt, you can enjoy protection from a product that won’t harm or irritate your skin.

Made in the UK and designed to be effective in the warm, summer months, this deodorant gives long-lasting protection without leaving behind white marks. Not only that, but you can also refill these bottles once you’re finished or pop them in the recycling! (Psst. The bottle itself is already made of 50% recycled plastic and 50% bio plastic so it’s super sustainable).

In one use, you’ll smell the stunning scent of summer with the natural fragrances of melon and cucumber. Is it just us that gets visions of sitting on a beach sipping cocktails with those smells?

salt of the earth  natural deodorant


How to Get a Blob Box

If the summer range of goodies from Blob Box has inspired you to get your own, choose from our range of boxes designed to suit you, whatever the season. But, seeming as it’s hot girl summer, we can help you feel your best (inside and out) with Blob Box’s summer selection, hand-picked just for you.

Oh and, just so you know, the box also includes a decadent hair treatment to get your hair in tip-top condition for summer.

Find out more and shop the Summer Blob Box.

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