Curating a Self-care routine that works for you

When it comes to creating a self-care routine, the first thing you have to remember is that what works for someone else may not work for you. We all recharge and relax in different ways, so figuring out a routine that works for you is all about trying new things and not falling victim to just following what everyone else is doing because it simply won’t work!

colourful with pink silky pyjamas and cashmere socks for the ultimate Winter luxury. Pyjamas have never looked so good! Paired with some skincare essentials for some self care over this not so normal festive break. Have you guys starting to wind down yet?

First up, the best thing you can do to curate a self-care routine that works perfectly for you is to make a list of all the things that relax you, recharge you and the things that you naturally turn to when you’re feeling low or drained that pick you back up. This can be anything from a certain meal or snack, certain skincare or shower products, a time of the day that you like to meditate or do yoga or even a certain film that just makes you feel or warm and fuzzy inside. There is no wrong answer to this – for some people it means wearing comfy clothes and eating bowlfuls of pasta, and for some others it means taking a long bubbly bath on your own with your favourite playlists blasting out. 

Secondly, think about when in particular you feel like you need a bit of extra TLC. Is it in the morning before work to get you ready for the day? Is it in the evening after a long day at work? Or do you require an entire weekend of recharging on your own to be able to face the week ahead? Knowing exactly what you need and when you need it can help you perfect your routine to be exactly what you need and can actually prevent burnout before it even happens. This will also help you plan in advance (no matter how busy the week!) to block out the time you need to look after yourself.

Facemasks and pasta = the ultimate Self Care Sunday duo

When devising a self-care routine, it’s not simply about thinking about things you enjoy, but it’s also all about thinking about things you need. As well as a nice soak in the bath with your favourite candles and bath soak or a glass of wine and your favourite chick-flick, a self-care routine often also incorporates ensuring that you are sleeping deeply, eating enough nutritious food and also partaking in a form of exercise that works for your body not only on your time of the month, but also all month round! Have a look at the products we hold in our box, from self-care products also to sanitary products that will keep you feeling like yourself even if it’s your least favourite week of the month. 

By being proactive with looking after yourself also by choosing a sleeping regimen, diet, and form of exercise that you genuinely enjoy, none of these things have to be a chore and can actually be something you enjoy! No matter what your body is going through, there is always something you can do to make yourself feel better and ready to take on the world.

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