Let's Talk About Period Shame

End Period Shame

Did you know while you’re reading this sentence, 800 million women across the world are having their period?

Despite so many of us having periods, it’s still seen as something that is dirty and unclean to so many people. And the truth is, it shouldn’t be at all.

We’ve linked up with the fab team at Lemonade Dolls to investigate period shame, and how it is something that has gone through all our minds at one point or another.

What is period shame?

Period shame is the discrimination that people face when they are on their period.

It can include:

  • Feeling compelled to hide your tampons and pads in your sleeve when you walk to the toilet
  • Your teacher or boss refusing to let you go to the toilet if your period unexpectedly starts
  • Believing that you can’t have penetrative or oral sex if you’re on your period, as people have told you it’s disgusting
  • Getting embarrassed if you leak through your clothing, bed or sofa
  • Male friends, relatives and boyfriends looking disgusted if you talk about periods in front of them
  • People assuming that you’re on your period or suffering from PMS if you’re feeling sad, depressed or angry

Period shame isn’t a new thing; it’s something that has been around for centuries. Many religions consider women on their periods as impure and shameful, to the point that they aren’t allowed to go to church, touch other people or even handle food.

Should you be ashamed of your period?

One word…No!

There is a stigma around periods that shouldn’t be there. The only way to remove it is by talking about periods like we would other things in life.

Period shame is holding women back. For example, seven out of ten young women don’t feel comfortable playing sports during their period, with many dropping out of sports entirely during this time.  Things shouldn’t have to be like this, and we all have a part to play in eliminating period shame once and for all.

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Here are some of the ways you can take action:

  • Don’t be afraid to discuss your periods with other people. By bringing periods into the open and not using cute euphemisms to describe them, we’re removing the stigma and shame behind periods.
  • Help other people. For example, you can donate to charities that help eliminate period poverty both at home and overseas.
  • Take pride in being on your period. Don’t get embarrassed if you leak through your clothes or have to ask a friend if you can borrow a tampon. Most importantly... rock that period sex! Whether with another person or on your own, orgasms are great for relieving cramps!
  • If you are male, be an ally. You have mothers, girlfriends, wives, sisters and daughters who menstruate after all! Get to know more about periods and how you can support anyone that is experiencing them.

If we all open up about period shame and become more confident in our bodies and what they can do, the stigma will start to disappear.

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