How to Be Your Own Best Friend

A best friend is someone you can trust, a person that always has your back, has been through the ups and downs with you and has come out the other side stronger than ever. That person is you.

On 8th June it’s National Best Friend Day; it’s a time to celebrate that bond you share with another person. But, given that the longest relationship you’ll ever have is with yourself, are you genuinely investing in yourself like you do your BFF?

If not, we’re gong to show you how you can be your own best friend and live your best life with purpose, drive, and happiness – the same way you would show your best friend IRL.

Be Kind to Yourself

As a society, we always advocate being kind to others. And whilst that is such an important characteristic to carry, it’s also vital that you learn how to be kind to yourself.

Think about the advice you would give to your best friend if they were going through something, feeling down or being unkind to themselves. You – as their ride or die – would speak kindly to them and encourage them to see the best in themselves.

This is step one in becoming your own best friend. You must speak kindly to yourself and absorb the kindness that you speak, instead of talking down to yourself and allowing negative thoughts to live in your head rent free. Only then will you learn true compassion for yourself.

Be Your Biggest Hype Woman

Like being kind to yourself, you must learn to be your biggest hype woman. Whether you’re gearing yourself up for a promotion at work, pushing your own personal boundaries or just generally empowering yourself, you need to big yourself up like there’s nothing stopping you - because, frankly, there isn’t!

Take Yourself on Best Friend Dates

Spending quality time with yourself is key to truly treating yourself like a best friend. Think about all the friend dates you’ve been on with your BFF; whether you’re hanging out at home, going for drinks, or learning new things together – whatever it is, the facts remain: it comes down to quality time.

Quality time is where you can get to know yourself better. Explore what makes you tick, find what makes you genuinely happy, and equally anything that triggers you. Think about your challenges and development areas. Perhaps starting a journal is the best way to begin your self-discovery journey to highlight what activities spark the most joy in you. Whatever it is, and however you do it, dating yourself can be one of the most rewarding hobbies you start.

 Image Credit: @ana.stowell

Don’t Compare Yourself to Others

Best friends are happy for each other’s successes but when it comes to championing ourselves and sharing our own successes, we tend to shy away. This regularly comes down to comparison with others. We’re so conditioned to thinking we should have certain things by a certain age, and when we don’t, we feel frustrated, lonely and behind our peers.

However, we tend to celebrate our best friends regardless. We don’t compare, but instead we encourage them and delight in them for the little things; for speaking up in a meeting when we know how anxious it makes them, for starting a side hustle when everyone told them it wouldn’t work, or for taking time out when we know they are close to burn out.

So, ask yourself, why compare yourself to the different path that other people are on when you could treat yourself like you would treat your best friend, and rejoice in everything you do that makes you happy.

If you start doing this for yourself, you will feel a mindset shift over time and when you hit that energy, you won’t have time for anyone or anything that doesn’t match it. Now that’s true best friend vibes.

Treat Yourself

We’re big believers in treating yourself just because you feel like it. We don’t want to wait for a special occasion to buy ourselves a bunch of flowers, order a self-care box through the post or crack open the expensive bottle of wine mid-week. Life is short, and if you’re treating yourself like your best friend, well, we’d probably open a second bottle too.

Know Yourself Like Only a True Friend Could

At the end of the day, it’s only you who truly knows yourself, so just like you would for your best friend, remember to root for yourself, be present and treat yourself like only a friend-soulmate can.

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