Our Story

Meet our Founder

Hello, and welcome! My name is Eniye and I am the Founder of Blob Box, a new, Self-care period box for women - that goes with your flow. I am the face behind every department which is the most exciting part of starting Blob Box.

 How we started

The creation of Blob Box stemmed from my idea to provide my little sister a care package of everything she would need to support her through her first period to ease her discomfort, as well as to introduce her to various kinds of branded sanitary products and self-care options for her to pamper herself with. I assumed that a concept such as this would already exist, but I couldn’t find many options that I thought she would benefit from and enjoy. This led me to start Blob Box, a curated package that goes with your period, now providing you with a variety of sanitary products to incorporate into your routine while introducing you to our favourite Self-care products.

Who we are

Our unique name originated from the light-hearted phrase of being "on the Blob" which in the UK means to be on your period or menstrual cycle, a term that fits perfectly with our company. Each box is curated to ensure that you put yourself first, thinking of inventive and enjoyable ways to make one of the more frustrating weeks of the month one of your favourites. This is the perfect box to give a little pick-me-up to yourself, a friend or even a first time Blobber. And yes, Blobber! That is what we call you now. So welcome to our community - we hope you are here to stay.

What we believe

Through our box, you can take the time to look after yourself with small (but important!) acts of Self-care even if you’re feeling at your worst, making an often dreaded time of the month something to be excited over. And, even more than that, you can have the convenience of having your box delivered straight to your door in perfect time for your cycle, providing you with a range of sanitary and self-care products you may not have considered buying yourself so you can figure out what works for you while also supporting small and local businesses with great quality and popular products. The product range changes periodically, meaning you can rediscover some old classics or find some new favourite products to incorporate into your own routine. We also believe in learning and sharing more content about menstruation and menstrual products so you can continue to be informed and educated on your body!

 How we help

We have decided to support women in the world by working with chosen period poverty charities and donating 1% of our revenue sales back to them to help them with their cause. Our chosen charities are:
Free Periods - a charity that fights to end period poverty in UK schools, something we are incredibly passionate about. If you would like to find out more about this organisation please CLICK HERE