Gaia & Vie - Clarity Facial Oil

Gaia & Vie - Clarity Facial Oil

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What is the  Clarity Face Oil?

 It is a uniquely blended serum that clears & clarifies your oily, inflamed and spot prone skin, without clogging your pores. Our small-batch, ethical face oil is powered with nature's goodness, to help you fight your breakouts, reduce your shine and glow in your natural skin. 

Why your skin needs Clarity?

  • A powerful anti-inflammatory, using the power of hemp to soothe your skin

  • Rich in Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, giving your skin a hydrated and healthy glow.

  • TeaTree is our active ingredient, it's anti-microbial properties fight your breakouts, even before they surface on the skin.

  • Fortified with Vitamin E to maintain long-term skin elasticity, helping to support your skin throughout your lifetime.

  • Non-comedogenic: this face oil won't clog your pores (what a win)

  • Controls natural sebum production: prevents your skin from overproducing oil that can give you an oily shine throughout the day